This was a little animation I made in lightwave. I created the letter T from a mesh and saved it and then squahsed it and saved it as a seperate file. Lightwave could then interpolate the difference between the frames and created an animation. The animation was saved as an AVi and then turned into an animated BitMap.  
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Animation's. Animated Head

This is a simple GIF animation of a plaster cast head. It was the final assignment for the first year on my HNC in Visual Communication and we had been set a project title of "Visual CV". I looked at lots of different ways that I could answer the brief but this idea was the strongest.

I thought about the purpose of a CV, to get an interview and about how important that is in terms of getting the interviewer to see you as a possible candidate for the job. We transmit a lot of information through our face and so I thought about simply pasting the information from my CV onto my face and taking a photo of it. Then I thought it would be good if you could see only the outline of the text.

Also it would follow the contours of a face so that if you looked closely, you would be able to see the underlying shape.

By reading the words, you were already looking at the face of the candidate.

Process: I took a cast of my face with the help of three technicians at the college. When the cast had dried (and it took some time) I printed out text from a computer printer measuring it to the size of the head. I then cut the text out very carefully using a scalpel and placed strips of text across the plaster face using PVA glue mixed with a little water.

I then took five digital photo's of the cast and inverted these images. I then found a free morphing tool called Bitmorph to morph between the five different shots (taken at different angles) to give the impression of movement.